Selenite and Tourmaline Orgone LED Pyramid


Selenite and Tourmaline Orgone LED Pyramid


The pyramid shown is a 6 inch selenite and tourmaline – a perfect combo for neutralizing and pushing away any triggering or invasive energy to clear and protect your space.

The copper wire wrap is spun vertically in a counterclockwise orientation on the top around a quartz point and on the bottom of the pyramid horizontally to create a functioning energy field so a light pillar travels vertically through the entire pyramid.

Each pyramid comes with crystals hand crushed into powder for increased conductivity. There is also copper foil included in the crystal mix to increase pzioelectricity and create more orgone energy. And each light tool is quantum activated and charged before shipping.

Tourmaline is a protective stone good for protecting you against psychic attack, fear, negative energy, attachments or entities, etc. This stone is knows as a guardian stone because its properties bring calm and centeredness to help you find your center and stop all intrusive frequency.

Selenite is a pure white angelic healing stone that is one of the most powerful stones to work with. It is directly connected to the angelic realms and has properties that will help you clear any area. A good description of selenite is white light solidified into stone. Selenite is so pure it will clear your other crystals just by setting them on it.

This Selenite and Tourmaline combo is so powerful and so special because it gives you the best of both worlds. The pure healing and activating capacity of selenite and the protective grounding capacity of tourmaline. When you put both of these together you get a dynamic that both clears, transmutes, and protects your space to create an absolute and completely clear emination of highly charged and very guardian-like grounded energy of light. This may be the best combination to work with for a base level energy for your sacred space for your house or home.

Note: These pyramids work great alone, however they work best in a grid around your sacred space to have the highest and best effect

Another Note: Each pyramid is made to order and will slightly vary in appearance

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