In A League Of Our Own

Empath League is an organization of brilliant minds across the globe that all have the same thing in common. Spiritual Intelligence. We are the gifted, the talented, and the highly skilled, as the seers, the psychics, the intuitives, the card readers, the healers, and so much more.

We aren’t just a Light Tool and Apparel line. What we represent is individuality and uniqueness in a highly controlled and highly manipulated world. We give all of the empaths out there functional light tools to help them clear and activate their homes and sacred space. We also give them an opportunity to wear how they feel on the inside, on the outside. They begin to find a voice to their best qualities in their communities with our products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help light up the world with our products. We are all beings of light and we all are entitled to our sacred space and self expression as sovereign individuals. By using one of our Light Tools in your space you are planting your stake in the ground saying, I Am Here, and I Am Aware. By wearing one of our tees you may want to boldly and shamelessly speak to others about who you truly are and how you truly feel about awakening in the 3D world.

We may help you begin to understand how important it is to have light tools in your space, and we may help you identify where your personality resonates and why not be afraid to show it!!

Our Products

These products will help you energetically protect your home and sacred space to keep a base level frequency where you want it. It will help you start conversations with loved ones, friends, and family members in your community about spiritual awakening. These products are meant to jolt the people around you into thought. And these products are designed to be expressive enough to make you feel amazing inside.

Our Light Tools will help you do your job as a lightworker by protecting your space, yourself and others. And our apparel will help you do your job as a lightworker and as an empath when you are able to easily share concepts and educate people who are curious about spiritual life.